The New Nordic Group has since 2009 developed and constructed high quality condominiums, apartment buildings, villas, villages and hotels with the goal of creating a holiday village where the residents and guests can enjoy a carefree lifestyle. As a part of this vision we do not just offer our guests or investors a unit. When you purchase from New Nordic you become a part of its community, which consists of residences, shops, restaurants, spas and saloons. The New Nordic Group operates their own construction company, property management company, travel agency, resort staff and they even have their own beach!

The New Nordic Group is led by a highly qualified team of young and dedicated team with expertise in the field of finance, real estate, hospitality and development. Their headquarters is in Hong Kong, with branches in Tønsberg (Norway), Bangkok (Thailand), Koh Samui (Thailand), Phuket (Thailand), Chumphon (Thailand), Pratamnak (Thailand), Angeles (Philippines), Phu Quoc (Vietnam), Sihanoukville (Cambodia) and Bali (Indonesia). Our holiday villas vary according to concept and location, but we always stay true to our core values. Thus, you should always be able to recognize a New Nordic project when you see one.

We always keep the apartment as our main focus

At the New Nordic Group we have a wide range of different investment offers, from our rental guarantee to the cash back option. However, we never lose track of what is the most important: the unit itself. Our main concern is always to deliver high quality buildings with good construction work at its core. Because of this New Nordic has been working with the same construction company since the start up, which means that they are always on site and still very much connected to the project. As a result of this close cooperation, we are also able to finish our buildings within the said construction period with very few exceptions.

We keep it real

New Nordic is one of the few developers that never spend a lot of time and money on show rooms, big banners and fancy parties. We would rather like to spend the money on the buildings itself, to make sure you get the best possible unit delivered at the end of the construction period.

We believe that it should be easy to purchase a unit

New Nordic believes that by making it easy for our customers to invest, we make it easy for ourselves. We therefore do everything we can to make the process of purchasing as simple as possible, while at the same time ensuring that everything is handled in a professional and correct manner. As a part of this, the New Nordic Group and our agents all operate with the same set of prices to make sure that you can use your preferred agent without having to worry about what is the cheaper option.

We believe that communication is key

We want you to feel as a part of the project and that you always get feedback on what is happening with your unit. We therefore send out weekly newsletters and construction updates from all our projects.

We believe in communities

When we create a project, we do not only create a unit and a bed – we want to create a community. When purchasing a unit with us you become a part of this orange community, with 24-hours information desks always on standby, a team of engineers ready to assist if you experience any problems, a dedicated IT team providing you with the newest IT services and gardeners taking care of the common facilities.

We do not only depend on one market

New Nordic has been paying our customers they rental guarantee on time every month since the start up (only with a few days delay in case of Thai holidays and Sundays when the banks are closed). New Nordic has 7 resorts in Pratumnak alone, all focusing on different market segments and types of customers. We also have sales teams for our accommodation department located in Bangkok, Pattaya and Norway. This way, we are not vulnerable to the economy of one country, the travel patterns of some type of customers or the performance of a few key staff.

We want to give our customers a wide range of options

We understand that all people are different, and are interested in different types of units, interior and concepts. We therefore offer our customers concepts in different locations and also projects of different style from the VIP projects such as Castle and Palace to the spacious villas in Chumphon.

We always have your back

Over the years New Nordic has developed a strong apparatus of people from different backgrounds and nationalities. Thai and foreigners are working together every single day to make sure that we have a strong team across our different departments, ranging from accommodation and food & beverage to IT, designing and New Nordic transport. We even have our own legal department!

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