Golden Years Care Homes

We are luxury adult retirement care homes in Pattaya, Thailand. Our Care Homes provide both ‘independent living with care’ and ‘close care’ with on-site nursing and care support. The main languages spoken in the seniors care facility are English and Thai.

Our award-winning care facility has 2 key philosophies:

(i) That there will always be sufficient high quality care

(ii) That independence, choice and dignity of the individual remain key requirements.

The provision of retirement care in Thailand may be more affordable than you think. In a country renowned for its high class, cost-effective medical services. We have opened this facility to provide a level of comfort that people may not be able to obtain in their home country. And to give a high level of care. We believe in care, it helps health, it helps self-confidence it allows guests to enjoy life. Quality of life should not end because of some incapacity. Our facility caters for both short and long-term stays.

Why choose us?

Our residents at Golden Years Care Homes will benefit from exceptional care that is highly personalized to an individual’s needs.

You are welcome to holiday or live in our A Class Resort Facility in Pattaya. Our staff are on call if you need them, or you can be left alone, that’s ok too. We also supply full time companions to be with you full time in your accommodation.

We know how important it is that sometimes you want to eat alone, with family members or a friend or two. That is why we have given all of our apartments free food delivery service. We can provide you your very own kitchen set if you wish to cook something special.

Our team always strives to ensure they provide the high standards that our residents and guest should expect. From our approach to recruitment, we will also ensure our team receives the right training, professional development and support to be the best they can be. In order to help you have a great holiday here or if you are a resident, to make it as much as possible like your home from home.

Golden Years Care Homes is destined to become the number one brand in Thailand for Retirement Homes.

At Golden Years Care Homes we specialise in Disabled Holidays.

We promise you we are the Best for disabled holidays. And we promise you that we will always try our best for you.

All you need to do is book your flight, and from then onward you can leave everything to us.

We will be there with our team to pick you up from the airport and we will arrange for all your luggage to be collected by our staff. We can even have a wheel chair waiting for you at this end?

From the minute you land at the Airport, our professional team will take care of you if you need any help. We will take you straight to our facility. And will make sure that you take your medication on time and that you are well taken care of.

We will also take you out to the beach or shopping centers in our Shuttle bus service.

Very often you will have your own carer who is experienced in taking care of you with the right attitude.

Just because you are disabled in some way, does not stop you from doing things. Thailand is a Beautiful country and you with our help you can still explore and find new beginnings.

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