I can show you how anyone can successfully invest in residential real estate, specifically in Thailand!

“Real estate, can make you a millionaire????”. . . . . . .Yes, it can!It Depends. . .

Sure, this might sound like the promise of a late-night MLM salesperson trying to get you to attend the latest free seminar, but the reality exists: real estate is a powerful wealth building tool that has made millions of individuals millionaires.

“Real estate, can make you a millionaire????”. . . . . . .Yes, it can!It Depends. . .

Maybe, but here is the catch: not everyone who buys a piece of property becomes rich. In fact, many people buy real estate only to find stress and empty bank accounts. They struggle for years and years but never build the kind of wealth they have dreamed of (or the riches promised by their so called “Real Estate Advisors”!.

So, how does someone invest in real estate to truly become a millionaire?

There are two primary wealth generators at play when you invest in real estate, depending on the strategy you get into:

Cash Flow:
This is the extra income you’ll get to keep each month (or year) that you own the property. Cash flow can be deceptive because it fluctuates when certain repairs are higher or lower in different months, so it is important to factor in non-monthly costs like vacancy (the amount of time the property sits vacant), repairs, capital expenditures (expensive projects that need to be replaced on a home every so often, like appliances, roofs, windows, plumbing, etc.), along with the regular expenses (utilities, management, etc.). . . .

When the value of a property increases, we call this appreciation. While appreciation is not always guaranteed over time, historically, real estate has always increased in many parts of the world, averaging close to 4.5% per year over the past century. Another type of appreciation that can come into play is known as forced appreciation, the concept of increasing the value by physically improving the property.

Of course, just buying some real estate will not give you all of the above benefits. Different strategies in real estate will give you different benefits. For example, if you really don’t want to be bothered by what expenses i mentioned under Cash Flow and you really want what we looked out under “Appreciation” please feel free to visit www.newnordicthailand.com

One of the reasons I love buying rental properties so much is because they may capitalize on all the two wealth generators if you buy it right, like New Nordic Group has been offering 10% Guaranteed Returns for 5 to 20 years in regards to all the properties you buy in their projects based out in Pattaya, Koh Samui, Phuket, Chumphon in Thailand.

On top of it New Nordic Group offers “Buy Back” on all its properties after 10 Years. So if you invest say 10 Million on one of the properties being offered by New Nordic Group you get you invested back after 10 Years and during those 10 Years you get a Guaranteed 10% of what you invested.

This is how you multiply your wealth and become a super millionaire.

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