Business Management

Our Mission

We’re committed to making the highest level of financial and operational integrity available to creative, passionate Business owners And Investors.

We have seen one too many entrepreneurs burn out, fail and – even worse! – completely lose their passion for what they do. All because they don’t know how to manage their finances or run an organized, effective business. We are committed that doesn’t happen to you. With our expert financial and operational skills, we can really help you do the right investments in Business where in you have a win win situation.

Remember, anything is possible.

Strategic Planning

Business Plan Development

You have a great concept, but not sure how to get your business to thrive. We’ll sit with you and work together to produce a business plan for your company, outlining structure, growth, and revenue.

Strategic Partnerships

Don’t face everything alone, we can help match you in partnerships that will benefit your business.

Government Administration

We know how to set up contracts and will make sure everything goes smoothly in regards to local governement liasoning.

Human Resources and Operations

Payroll Setup and Administration

Make sure your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Insurance – Workers Compensation, Liability etc.

We’ll help you choose insurance that best fits your company’s needs.

Employee Handbooks, Job Descriptions

We can improve your company’s overall efficiency by establishing defined roles and delegating tasks for your employees.


There are a lot of rules to follow that you might not know about. Fortunately, we do everything by the books and will ensure your business does too.

Legal referrals

Need legal advice? We know many firms depending on what kind of legal advice you’re looking for and we’d be happy to refer you.

Marketing & Branding Suite


Spreading the correct message to your customers is often times the hardest thing for a small business to do. Measure ideas and ensure they’re in line with your brand.


As a business you are expected to develop a brand that clearly defines the strengths of

your brand. The goal is to be sought after for your information and insights. You must

produce quality content and assert your expertise in your industry.

Vision & Goals – Strategy Creation

Imagine your life 10 years from today. That’s 520 weeks from now or 3650 days. You are unlimited. Meet with us one-on-one to discover your small business’ vision and goals and how to maximize your efforts during the most important years of a growing business.

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Best Investment OpportunityAditya Group Bonds

Aditya Group

Aditya Group is a business house established since 1994 and has held diversified interests including construction, hospitality, healthcare and most famously education. Presently, Aditya Group’s core business is its comprehensive management service, that is currently managing over a dozen businesses spread across 4 countries.

Today the Aditya Group boasts a total valuation of over $150m US.

Corporate bonds from an established group of companies in India, raising funding to further develop their business. (Total raise US$3.60 million). The investment is professionally structured through a Singapore SPV and the invested funds are fully backed by real estate with a safe 65% LTV (loan to value). 

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